Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rose hip oil

Rose hip this...rose hip that...i want to marry rose hip...rose hip...rose hip...rose hip! it seems to be the hottest thing on everyones lips. But which one takes the gold medal home for being the best? Being a proud user of rose hip for a solid year now -pops collar- i thought I would share with you the three brands that managed to land a spot on ma face...or in the bottom of my drawer
Lets start with the basics...
What the hec is rose hip oil?
It is a cold pressed oil that is taken from the fruit of the rose bush.
What does it do?
It supports the skins collagen and elastin. Making your skin smoother and more hydrated. Rose hip oil is perfect for acne scars (my 26 year old sister is living proof of this), ageing skin, eczma, sun damaged skin or dry skin.
How do I apply it?
Rose hip oil can be applied whenever you desire...wherever you desire (yes even while you are on the toilet if that is what pleases you). However I personally find that due to the oily appearance it initially gives your skin that it is better to be applied before going to bed..and when you wake up you wake up like a total babe with glowin' skin

   Lelan Vital Organics                Kosmea                                Trilogy
3rd place: Kosmea Rose Hip Oil
From the discoloured lid you can probably tell that I wasn't really a fan of this brand because it smelt kinda weird? Every night when i applied it, it felt as though I was applying a smelly fish onto my face (don't judge my odd sense of smell!) I also found that the texture was greasy rather than oily? hence leaving me feeling like a walking deep fried beer battered fish
2nd place: Lelan Vital Rose Hip Oil
This one ALMOST got the gold medal. It applies really well and left my skin feel super duper hydrated/moist upon waking up the next day.  I personally found this to have the strongest scent out of all of them - but in a good rose smelling kinda way? This one is my mums favourite..and being like every other European mother she went out and literally bought a bajillion of them (however that may or may not be linked to the fact that this brand is the cheapest of them all...and we all know that mama loves a good special)
1st place: Trilogy Rose Hip Oil
Bet you wouldn't have guessed ha? :P This liquid goodness has the perfect texture for my skin. It applies oily not greasy and has a pleasant smell which is barely even there. I would definitely recommend getting your hiney to the supermarket to purchase this product...NOW!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Date night

Saturday night I was all smiles because:
1. I finally got to eat at The Pantry in Manly
2. I got to debut my new blue pants
3. I got plenty of huggles and kisses from David
definitely no complaints on my behalf...or my rumbly tummy's!
Lately I have been obsessed with hair that says vintage and sleek..so i got a little adventurous with my GHD and managed to come up with this:
excuse the poor photo quality *shakes fist at ipad camera*
After a 1.5 hour drive to Manly (sometimes living in the western suburbs is such a pain in the bum bum) we finally made it to The Pantry! It had such a nice rustic vibe inside and the view of the beach was preeeetty sweet. However I ordered gnocchi (or as David calls 'nooki' ha-ha) and found it to be rather cold. This made my stummy very sad :( I didn't manage to take photos of my food though cause I always get really really awkward when I whip my camera out...I feel as though people think im going to go home and touch myself over my food images

He is totally babe-n in this shot so i just had to put it up
We than headed down to Ben and Jerry's where I FINALLY got to try this slice of heaven. David said he found none of the flavours 'appealing' (pffft what would men know about desserts anyway :P )
Top: ally $15
Pants: mink $30
Beaded clutch: $3 from st vinnies
Lipstick: Candy by Estee Lauder
I be sippin' my chamomile tea in my new mug errrday (thanks boo!)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Berry Haute

I'm la la laaaving how colour is in this season because it means everyone has an excuse to pull out their crazy hot pink pants...or in my case this crazy hot berry lipstick!
Revlon Berry Haute (660) lipstick
price: $8
This colour is really nice as i find its a change from the pinks that everyone seems to be doing nowadays. The colour comes out really vibrant on the lips without having to re apply layer over layer. The only negative is that it doesn't last as long as I would like it to...I think its because of how creamy it applies. Otherwise I can't really complain!
Oh hey awkward face shot

Happy birthday to me!

I'm pretty sure after the intense feasting that went down for my 21st last week that I still cannot do up the buttons on my pants. I had such a dandy time with all the family and friends that have pitched a tent in my heart permanently. Heres a few snippets of what my birthday looked like!
Me lady friends getting a little silly with some cocktails at blackbird cafe
The view from Blackbird cafe

 Preeeesent time

 Left: Diva necklace
Right: House of emanuale necklace
Mimco bag from mama and papa bear
House of emanuale cuff
I'm pretty sure i died when i received this
And died once again..
Oroton bag from the vintage collection
Amanda thought it would be heaps hilarious to get me a lolly watch
I had such an amazing birthday weekend thanks to all my cupcakes!

Lush Buffy Body Butter

So i want you to close your eyes and visualise a big bucket of soft melted butter...now i want you to walk towards that bucket and pour it all over your bowdeh. Mmmm feels good dont it? (I feel so seedy saying all of this he-he-he *strokes mo*)
Ok now open your eyes!
That my friends is how you feel after using the Buffy Body Butter by Lush. After talking to the worker at Lush and whinging about my problems with ingrown hairs, she came to the conclusion that this was the product for me.
HOW TO USE: you basically jump in a warm shower and start scrubbing your entire body with the bar. You will find the product literally melts onto your skin, while the grounded almond does its job in scrubbing away any dead stuff!
DID THIS PRODUCT LEAVE ME FEELING KIRPY?:  I found that it didn't quite fix my little problem of ingrown hairs however it did leave my skin feeling softer and more moisturised than ever. The only downfall is that because this product is made out of cocoa butter, it melts away vey fast in the warm shower water...therefore leaving you with approximately 6 uses (which isn't very much in my opinion). At first I felt a little hesitant about paying $15.95 for a little bar of body scrub ( don't judge me im a poor uni student D: ) but it was totally worth the feeling of walking out of the shower feeling like a walking ball of melting butter